Jim James
I am an entrepreneur with over 25 years experience of running my own businesses.
Jim James - Founder

Why I started Silver Fox Entrepreneurs

I've been an entrepreneur since I left my corporate job in 1995, and recently returned to the U.K. after 24 years in Asia. 

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I am currently still running a business, the same one I founded in 1995, as well having started and built a number of other companies and non-profit ventures. Some have worked, some have not, but over the past 25 years I have learnt a great deal about starting companies both from my own experience and that of my peers. A slight twist is that I have arrived in brand new markets without knowing a soul, and in the case of China the language, and successfully established companies using my own money. This means that I understand the importance of cash flow, adding value, and persistence. 

Here's a running board of my life since leaving a paid job in 1995 to go to Singapore to start my own company.

Founder & Managing Director - EASTWEST Public Relations with offices in Singapore 

Executive Committee Member - Hainan International Chamber of Commerce

Chairman - Eggplant Digital with offices in China and the UK

Founder & Managing Director - Morgan Cars (HK) Limited and Malvern Morgan Cars China


Vice Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in China - 2016 - 2918

Founder & Chairman of the British Business Awards in China - 2008, 2014, 2018

Importer for WAKE Drinks to China - 2016 - 2017

Founder of the British Motorsport Festival in China - 2015

Interim CEO of Lotus Cars China - 2014-15

Leading Light - British Council 

Founding President, co-founder, of the Entrepreneurs Organization Chapter. Beijing - 2007-09

SME of the Year - British Chamber of Commerce Singapore 2002

Entrepreneur of the Year  - British Chamber of Commerce Singapore 2001

Founder of go-events.com 1998-2001