Silver Fox Entrepreneurs is a community of mature men with enterprise who want learn how to start and run a better business for pleasure, profit and purpose.

We provide practical information, inspiration, facilitation and a peer group community via offline events and courses, podcasts, and conversations which take place on a private platform.

Many of our events will be open to everyone who wants to attend, but there are times and topics when peer groups deliver the best results.

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With mature men from around the world as members taking part in conversations on a large array of topics, the online platform is a great way to discuss key issues, learn from others who have relevant experience, and also to share your own insights with others.



Courses are available online and offline, offered by established educators and also by our members who are experts in many fields. These are a combination of free and paid for courses, all with the aim of attaining and sustaining cash flow and profitability.



We are here to help entrepreneurs, and with a diverse and international community of people starting and running companies there are opportunities to find mentors and business partners. 



Members can be featured in the podcast series, meet fellow entrepreneur, have their profile online and share their blog posts or speak at our events. The opportunities to network and promote are here to match the stage of the business.

Knowledge sharing


Lifelong learning is more fun when it leads to intelligent conversations, reviews and recommendations. The Amazon bookstall is vast, what our members do is share which ones are most likely to be of inspiration to maturepreneurs.

Real people events


We get together in the real world for social and learning events. Some events are open to all and there are private Fox only affairs. The aim is to offer a blend of offline and online events to create a sustainable community as people start and built their enterprises.



Confidential, Constructive, Commercially focused

Masterminds are peer group sessions for uptown 8 men who meet on a monthly basis to work through the bottlenecks stopping them to attain their goals.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of the mastermind. He defined a mastermind group as "the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

Using established frameworks, introducing subject matter experts, and facilitated by a seasoned entrepreneur, Silver Fox Entrepreneur Master Minds sessions are 4 hours of confidential, focused work providing the opportunity to work on the business instead of in the business.

Why specifically is this community for men? As much as we love and respect women, we are different in many ways and there are sometimes and topics when men need to talk to other men. There seem to be many women's groups, but not as many for men especially those of us in our forty plus years, and that's what our Den and master minds are for. 

We'll make sure there is room for you.

Are you a mature man with enterprise, but don't know how to start your own business?

Or already running a business but can't figure out how to grow it?

Then join a mastermind and break through those hurdles with an experienced facilitator and a peer group.


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